Top 10 Weird Facts About Coffee

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in our society. It has become a daily staple for many people, who enjoy the smell, the taste and the energy and alertness that it brings. Coffee has a very rich history associated with it. From the coffee beans themselves, to the way that each specific drink is made, to where their interesting monikers came from. Coffee is one of the great drinks of our time, enjoying it can easily be translated to a morning, date or even evening activity. With so many different varieties and options to choose from, it’s not hard to find an option and taste that fits most people’s pallet. Included below are the top 10 weird facts about coffee that most people don’t know.

It’s Potentially Dangerous

Some people are naturally sensitive to caffeine. Their bodies just don’t react well to it and they potentially experience unsavory side effects, such as feeling jittery, anxious or unable to fully concentrate. It turns out that this is because coffee is actually a potential psychoactive. Which means that if you consume high doses of it, you may start to see things that aren’t there, and it can, in very rare circumstances kill you. You would, of course, have to ingest a very huge amount of coffee for anything fatal to occur. It would take roughly 70-100 cups of coffee to actually kill you. Though anywhere between 10-20 cups would cause very uncomfortable and annoying side effects. People who already suffer from issues like insomnia, anxiety or bad nerves, are recommended to stay away from coffee and caffeine in any form. So while coffee makes a great daily dose for some people, doses should be controlled and those sensitive to caffeine should steer clear of it all together.

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