A Deadly Passion for Coffee: How Did this Addictive Drink Fuel the History of the World?

If you cannot imagine a day without a warm cup or mug of coffee, you are not alone. Many of the most famous stories of the world are related to people who loved coffee. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was addicted to this drink? Have you heard that Mozart, Bach, Balzac, and Napoleon all couldn’t live without it either? Let me tell you the story about their addiction and love for the aromatic brown beans.

A warm, brown, delicious liquid that smells like heaven. Millions of people around the world cannot live without this “drink of the gods” created by the reaction of water and coffee beans. It is believed that the first people who used coffee were the Oromo ethnic group – the ancestors of Ethiopians. People have been enjoying the benefits of a drink that they believe gives them more power since at least the 10th century. Nowadays, scientists have confirmed that drinking coffee brings many advantages, but overdosing on caffeine may still cause tragic consequences. The history of famous people drinking coffee started centuries ago and continues today.

Music with the Flavor of Coffee

At least two of the most famous classical composers of the 18th-century couldn’t start their work without this fashionable and luxurious drink. Johannes Sebastian Bach loved coffee so much that he wrote an opera about it. He created the Coffee Cantata in 1732. The piece described the role of this drink in daily life. The opera revolved around the story of a father and his daughter. Addicted to coffee, the daughter had to give up on her love of the flavorful drink to get married. However, instead of becoming coffee-free, she decided to search for a man who was as addicted to coffee as herself. The cantata ends with a scene of both characters singing a song describing how fantastic it is to drink coffee.

Café Zimmermann, Leipzig, where the Collegium Musicum performed.

Similarly, Ludwig van Beethoven also had an enormous interest in coffee. According to his biographer, his preferred drink was made with 60 beans.

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