7 Cool Phuket Cafés and Coffee Shops

Phuket cafés and coffee shops keep popping-up (and closing) all around Phuket Town, mostly around the old streets of Thalang, Yaowarat and Dibuk. In recent years Phuket town has become a very popular tourist attraction and a fun photo playground… and as photographers and models seem to need frequent coffee breaks, cafés just appeared by magic. With so many people wandering the streets in the sun all day, there was an obvious market to grab.

The young generation of Thai knew what to do and one thing many of them have in common is that ‘old vintage’ look made of a bric-à-brac of colourful faux-old decoration. It doesn’t matter: people love them! In other countries they might have call them ‘Bars’ but apparently ‘Cafés’ was a lot more appealing, even though the main coffee shops listed below are definitely bars. They do serve cakes or meals and they are a nice addition to an exploration day.

Coffs & Burgh

Coffs & Burgh is a beautiful café as well as a souvenir and antique shop found on Thalang Road in the heart of Phuket Town. Cakes and drinks are great to take a well deserved break from your exploration, but it’s also a fun photo opportunity. Coffs & Burghs set some Old Phuket town backdrops specially for visitors to take extra selfies! How smart… and it obviously works.

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