16 Creative Hair Styles For Long Hair You Can Do In Just 5 Minutes

Who has time to work on a complicated hairstyle in the morning? Nobody, except perhaps royalty or celebrities, although even they probably get sick of having their hair ‘done’. Forget intricate braiding and 25-step chignons. Ditch the tricky up-do’s and hours of straightening and curling. If you have medium to long hair just try one of these 16 great styles that only take five minutes to do. And voila! You’ll have a whole new look… and still have plenty of time left in your day. Check them out…

Divide your pony tail into two sections. Twist one section and simply wrap around the other section to create this cool, twisted pony.

Use a scarf or stretchy headband. Take large sections of hair and wrap around the band, making sure to tuck in the loose ends.

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