The 8 Best Tech Fitness Gifts to Buy in 2018

Gone are the days when technology and fitness were opposing forces, your time divided between either the gym or the computer. The explosion in wearable technology and smartwatches has supercharged the fitness game, helping you optimize your diet, activity and sleep schedule in a convenient high-tech way. So whether you are buying a gift for a runner, golfer, biker, swimmer or jock of all trades, there is a great tech gift to help them up their fitness game.

Best Overall: Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch

Fitbit is at the forefront of the fitness technology movement and their latest smartwatch is thoughtfully engineered to have technology help conquer fitness goals. Like any FitBit, it can automatically record steps, calories burned, and stairs climbed, giving the user an idea of how much energy they’re expending. But the Blaze also allows them to quickly check their heart rate while exercising without the need for any uncomfortable chest strap.

The Blaze also features connected GPS to give real-time stats for a variety of sports, including running, cross-training, biking and more. FitStar gives step-by-step instructions and coaching on the wrist, providing your fitness guru with a personal trainer that they can take anywhere. Automatic workout goals and summaries keep them updated on their progress, while the watch will automatically track their workout, which eliminates the chore of recording every activity. In addition to all the benefits of a fitness tracker, it also displays calls, texts, alarms and calendar alerts.

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