When and How to Change your Camera’s White Balance Settings For Perfect Results

#2 – You’re photographing in harsh polar conditions

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when photographing in snow and cold environments (think, Antarctica, the Arctic, polar regions around the world), I recommend you set your camera on “sunny” setting, which injects more blue into the photo. This emphasizes the icy and cool tones of the landscape and lends itself very well to photographing snowy scenes.

#3 – You want to Warm or Cool your photo

Photography is all about light and color, and the better grasp you have of these the better photos you’ll have in your portfolio.  Basically the first two points are actually about whether you want to warm (inject more yellow) or cool (inject more blue) your photos.  Canyons and deserts are great for warmer photos, and the tundra is better with a cool look. Part of this has to do with actual temperatures of the places, but don’t lock yourself into that way of thinking.  There are many exceptions to the rules.

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