When and How to Change your Camera’s White Balance Settings For Perfect Results

#1 – You’re photographing in Canyon Country

The orange, yellow, and red rocks of deserts are sensational to photograph. And while the Canyons of the SW Deserts in the US are perhaps some of the most well known, there are also incredible deserts in Namibia, and even lesser-known deserts in Madagascar (and of course many other places around the world, too).  This is all to say that desert areas with lots of rocks are very scenic and lend themselves greatly to setting a special white balance.  Your camera will do ok on auto, but not as good as if you tell your camera what you want.

To maximize colors in deserts and canyon areas, I recommend you set your white balance on “cloudy.”  This brings out the yellows and emphasizes the intense desert colors without risk of oversaturation by means of using the saturation tool in photoshop or similar. (note: “shade” white balance setting will produce similar effects)

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