Step 2: Photo Editing Tools I Recommend

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There are several tools I’ve used over the years to edit my photos! Nearly all of these are free.

iPhoto – this is my primary way to edit photos. I’ve been using it for-ev-er. A dependable but super basic photo editor – but great for color and brightness correction and other simple edits.

Windows & Mac:
Picasa – Slightly more advanced than iPhoto, but more clunky to use. Has stylistic features like adding text and overlays. Has a great batch resizing tool and other neat features.

Adobe Lightroom – This is my new favorite. Lightroom is absolutely amazing. You can buy a $10 a month plan and get Photoshop and Lightroom both – but I honestly have not even touched Photoshop.

Afterlight – Every single time I take a photo on my phone I edit it using this app! All sorts of advanced editing options, and even the filters and overlays are fantastic. Lots of creative frames.

iPhone & Android:
Adobe Photoshop Express – This app has a ton of auto-fix features that work pretty well, and you can also adjust things like brightness, contrast, hue and saturation on your own.

Pixlr – Awesome in browser editing! Comes in three flavors: Pixlr Editor (an Adobe photoshop style editor), Pixlr Express (make edits to color and brightness and also add frames and text – I use this the most!), or Pixlr-o-matic (an Instagram style filter/frame editor).

PicMonkey – similar to Pixlr Express but with a different offering of frames, fonts and overlays. Great for making collages and saturation/hue edits. Completely in browser so you don’t have to download anything.

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