6 Easy Summer Photography Shooting Tips

Seek Out Environmental Reflectors

Beach sand, those creepy white vans, house siding – these things all provide potential reflected light opportunities in a pinch. Putting the reflective object behind you, next to, or even just below your subject will help brighten their face. Pay attention to your surroundings – opt for shooting near the sand instead of the grass or look for white wall siding instead of red brick.

Take your subject out of the open sun and find some shade. The white pillar on the right softens and brightens shadows thanks to its light, reflective color and is an, overall, better sightseeing snap.

When you’re traveling, it’s okay to be picky about where you shoot. Don’t shoot at the first opportunity – especially if you’re out in the middle of the day. Find shade, preferable near something white for bounced light.

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