5 Best Landscape Photographers In The World

Alain has a fine portfolio of work, some of his most breathtaking are his intimate captures of Antelope Canyon. Great composition combined with meticulous post processing brings out every twist and turn of the canyon as the rare rays of light bounce off its walls.

Alain, is not only a highly respected landscape photographer but he is also a prolific teacher and author, contributing his years of knowledge and insight to the Luminous Landscape website and authoring many books on how to improve and market Fine Art Photography.

He also runs very popular workshops and tuition which you can see more of here

You can learn more about Alain on his website . His books are available on Amazon.com here Marketing Fine Art Photographyand Amazon UK here Marketing Fine Art Photography

We were lucky enough to speak to Alain and ask him a few questions.

1. What inspired you to take up landscape photography?

“I was inspired by the realization that photography can be used as an artistic medium. I was trained as an artist at the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris and when I started working with photography I decided to approach photography as art and use it as an art medium.”

2.  What is your most satisfying image or project?

“For me photography is an art and I approach it as such. My goal is to create artistic photographs, not documentary photographs Therefore what is satisfying for me is creating photographs that are expressions of my vision, personality and inspiration instead of photographs that represent the subject factually. Documentation is what comes out of the camera. Art is what comes out of the artist’s soul. I want my photographs to be about what inspires and moves me, not about what my camera captures.”

3. Do you have one top tip for our readers to improve their landscape photography?

“Focus on improving your artistic and technical skills, not just on acquiring new gear. Collect art instead of cameras. The limiting factor is you, not your cameras, computer, software or other gear. Most beginning photographers own cameras, computers, software and gear that are far better than their artistic and technical skills. The limiting factor is their technical and artistic knowledge, not their gear. They don’t need to buy more gear! They need to improve their technical and artistic skills and increase their level of personal commitment to their work.”

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