5 Best Landscape Photographers In The World

How Do You Make It On To Our List Of The 5 Best Landscape Photographers In The World?

Well below I shall go through my picks for the 5 best landscape photographers in the World based on the quality of their work first and foremost. We also take into account how influential they are in the genre and industry. You might not agree with my picks, that’s fine as I’d love to hear who you would place on your list of the 5 best landscape photographers in the World.

I worked solely as a landscape photographer in the UK for a number of years. I sold prints and had my own gallery too. In the end other ventures lead me down a different path but I will always love beautiful landscape photography and appreciate all the great photographers out there who are inspired by natures beauty.

To become a truly great landscape photographer requires passion, skill, dedication and developing your own signature look. That’s why number 1 on this list is none other than ….

Best Landscape Photographers In The World – Number 1.

Alain Briot

best landscape photographers in the world

Alain Briot is a French landscape photographer based in the USA. His work of the Navajo native American reserves and the Canyonlands of Arizona and Utah are simply awe-inspiring.

His images have a signature style and his Fine Art prints are sublime.

Alain started life in Paris but has lived in the Southern USA for 30 years now. His trademark images are of the vast landscapes of the American south-west where he makes his home.

So what makes Alain the best landscape photographer in the World?

One of the aspects of Alain’s work that elevates it above others, beyond his mastery of composition, is his ability to capture the subtle hues and tones of the Arid landscapes that he often photographs. He knows the limits of reality and doesn’t push his images too far in post processing.

However his images are still full of life, colour and detail. Staring at his artwork transports you to the landscapes that he has photographed so passionately for many years.

When creating his portfolio of work of the American Navajo’s, Alain lived among them for years, allowing him to learn about their culture and landscape. This enabled him to understand their values and capture them within his artwork.

best landscape photographers in the World

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