19 Food Photography Tips to Master Mouth-Watering Shots

Use Simple Props

Wooden cutting boards, natural placemats, and even the raw ingredients that compose the dish you’re photographing are all great food props. Stick to simple elements that don’t distract too much, so your food remains the hero of the shot.

Play With Angles

Think about what food you’re photographing and shoot from the angle that best highlights the shape, height, or ingredients. Generally, a 45 degree or overhead angle will compliment the shot well.

Be Aware of Your Background

When shooting food, always be aware of what’s showing in your background. Be sure it’s not distracting, particularly if you’re in a restaurant or busy market. Use a shallow depth of field or switch up your angle if the background is too busy. Remember, the food is the focus. Consider these do’s and don’ts if you’re photographing in a restaurant.

Consider the Point of View

Opt for a point of view that displays depth, gives visual interest, and perspective. This will depend on the food you’re shooting, so determine what you want to be the focus of the shot. It helps to vary your shots, so you have options to choose from in the end.

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