17 Portrait Photography Tips Everyone Should Master

The Right Aperture for Portrait Photography

Wide apertures will blur the background and make your subject pop, making apertures of f/2.8 and wider a popular choice for portrait photographers. Be aware that the wider you go, the less of your subject will be in focus. Narrower apertures may be used to show more detail in the background such as f/7.1.

Be Careful with Cropping

For natural-feeling portraits, be sure to crop in places that feel natural and don’t cut off limbs right at the end. For example, instead of cropping at the wrist and cutting off your subject’s hand, crop higher up on the arm. Also be sure to leave some space above your subject’s head.

Get on Their Level

When shooting small subjects like kids and pets, get down so that you are at eye level with them. Your photos will feel more natural and you’ll have a more flattering angle on the subject.

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