16 of the Best Apps for Landscape Photography

In this article, I’ll share my top 16 favorite apps that I use almost every time I have to plan a photography session, a photo trip, or a complex spot with a long hike in the mountain to get there.

What’s one thing almost every photographer has on their person every time they shoot? A smartphone. Smartphones can act as fully-featured photography assistants that are capable of helping you capture the best possible shots with your dedicated camera. This post isn’t an in-depth review or a guide for every single app. I just wanted to make a list of the apps that I use the most for all sorts of situations, from editing photos to performing in-depth location scouting and calculations in the field.


1. Photo Pills

The most complete suite to plan your shooting sessions

PhotoPills is my favorite app ever. It’s an awesome and very robust app with tons of features, especially for landscape photographers. PhotoPills can help organize your planning, including saving and sharing your plans and managing locations.

You’ll get access to plenty of info about the sun and moon to be in the right place at the right time with just the right lighting. It also includes augmented reality for viewing the position and path of the sun, moon, and Milky Way.

PhotoPills can also help you to calculate exposures, depth of field, and compute the parameters need for time-lapse sequences. This app is a MUST for every landscape photographer, and that’s why it occupies the first place on my personal list of the Best Apps for Landscape Photography!

2. The Photographer’s Ephemeris 3D App

Brings Sun Tracking to a New Dimension

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