Why Companies That Invest In Customer Experience Will Destroy Those That Don’t

We all have good intentions. We wake up, stretch, brush our teeth and think “it’s going to be a great day!” But as the day goes on some of us get off track. We eat the donuts in the office kitchen, surf Facebook instead of working, make impulse purchases on Amazon and when we get home from work — instead of going to the gym we plant ourselves on the couch for a few episodes of reality TV. We started our day with the best of intentions, but got side-tracked and lost sight of the long-term goals.

It’s the same situation with companies. No company sets out and says, “we’re going to just do the bare minimum for the customer so we can increase our profits!”

When I personally have unfavorable customer experiences, I wonder what the conversations are at the top of the offending company. For example, let’s take my local grocer Safeway. I live in a new community in the Bay Area and Safeway is nearby. Many times I buy a product from this store, only to take it home and realize it’s expired. While you might think that’s my fault, I don’t believe it’s the customer’s responsibility to help the grocer with quality assurance such as pulling expired food from the shelves.

Why doesn’t Safeway have a CRM that shows what items are out on the floor, when they were put there, and when they need to be pulled. Perhaps they have one but have been slacking on using it. Not only is quality assurance a problem with stocking of products at Safeway, Safeway is severely understaffed.

Safeway always has long check-out lines. Safeway provides self-service check out technology but it never works. There is only one employee overseeing the self-service check out. I got frustrated one night after returning home for the third time (six month old strapped on me) only to find another product expired. I wrote about it on LinkedIn and it generated 13,500 views. When I told Safeway about the LinkedIn post, they responded but didn’t follow up, hoping I would just disappear. Clearly this is a company that just doesn’t care.

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