Top 10 Cities Where Rent Is Cheap, But Cost of Living Isn’t



8. Milwaukee

Median rent: $1,011

Average cost of living: 104.4

Milwaukee has the second-lowest median rent among the cities on our list. If you live here, you’ll need those savings to help cover the high cost of health and utilities.

Healthcare costs are 13 percent more expensive than the national average. And utility costs are 11 percent higher. However, grocery and transportation costs are actually lower than the national average.



7. Fort Worth, Texas

Median rent: $1,428

Average cost of living: 104.5

You can get a decent-sized apartment in Fort Worth for only $1,000. The median rent in Fort Worth is lower than the national median — and the median rent in nearby Dallas. But high health and utility costs make the overall cost of living here higher than the national average.

Health costs in Fort Worth are a whopping 21 percent higher than the national average. Utility costs are 10 percent higher. However, transportation costs are cheaper here than in any city on our list.

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