Top 10 Cities Where Rent Is Cheap, But Cost of Living Isn’t

For most Americans, housing costs are their biggest monthly expense. So if you’re thinking about relocating, it makes sense to factor the cost of rent heavily into your decision about where to move.

But in some cities, other cost-of-living expenses — such as utilities, transportation, food, etc. — will outweigh your rent costs. If that’s the case, you might save more money if you pick a city with a slightly higher rent, but a much lower overall cost of living.
Houses in the Desert, Whitney Ranch, Henderson, Nevada.

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11. Henderson, Nev.

Median rent: $1,424

Average cost of living: 100.4

Nevada’s second-largest city, Henderson, has the lowest cost of living on our list — along with its larger neighbor to the north, Las Vegas.

Low utility costs help keep the overall cost of living in Henderson on par with the national average. However, the median rent here is just barely below the national median of $1,441. Still, you’re likely better off renting here because Nevada is one of a few states where it’s more expensive to own a home than to rent.

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10. Las Vegas

Median rent: $1,284

Average cost of living: 100.4

The median rent in Nevada’s largest city is more than $150 cheaper than the national median.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a necessarily cheap place to live. Grocery, health and transportation costs are higher in Vegas than the national averages.

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