Top 10 Biggest Perks When Living in a Tiny Home

tiny home maintenance

3. Less Maintenance

When you live in a tiny home, there is simply less work to do to maintain your space. There is less to fix, less to store and less to prep for the seasons. For example, if you need to clear the roof of fall leaves, it will take a quarter of the time. If your deck needs repairs or wood floors need replacing, you’ll have minimal square feet to worry about. Decorating for holidays will be quicker and easier. Even painting your entire home could take just a can or two of paint and a half day’s work.

Now, if your home is situated on a large piece of land, like the Andersons’ is, you might spend more time maintaining the surrounding property.

“We spend a good amount of time cutting back the grass, clearing debris and prepping the house for the changing seasons,” said John. “But we love being outside, and we’ve always been avid gardeners. It feels good at the end of the day.”

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