On FIRE but Afraid to Retire Early? The Unspoken Fear Erasing Asset That You Own

People Who Are On FIRE needn’t be Afraid to Retire Early – Our Super Asset

The super asset I am talking about is the knowledge and experience that we gain on our journey to financial independence. Nobody really talks about the value of the skills and knowledge that gets us to FIRE. There isn’t a little box to check-off on retirement calculators either to improve retirement success rates. Yet these are crucial learned and practiced skills that will aid us in our early retirement. It is an advanced early retirement asset.

I didn’t recognize its value until after retiring. Had I given it respectful thought I would have had far less hesitation in pulling the early retirement trigger. It has been over 6 years since my first early retirement. I just wanted to share what I believe to be an unspoken early retirement asset.

This asset grows with experience

Something every early retiree should do is stay curious and always increase their knowledge. We keep learning and grow our early retirement knowledge-asset regardless of market conditions.

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