How to Travel the World without Draining your Hard-Earned Retirement Savings

#3:  When Planning Accommodations Consider Camping, Hostels or Apartment Rentals

Of course it is enjoyable to stay in a nice hotel. But it is expensive. In most cases camping will not cost much and even if you have to buy camping gear, you will save money in the long run. Research camping options in the places you plan to visit. For those who are not experienced campers there are plenty of tips on camping available online and in books. Through camping, you will add another element of adventure to your trip and be able to experience places you might not if you were staying indoors. If you are not comfortable camping, consider staying at a hostel if one is available, as this will cost much less than staying in a hotel. You will likely have to share a bathroom and possibly a sleeping space, but depending on the type of traveler you are this might not be an issue. It is likely when you are exploring a new place that you will be doing just that…exploring!

Another option is to rent an apartment. Renting an apartment will likely be less expensive than a hotel and will provide you with the space to cook your own meals, which should lead to an additional cost savings.

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