20 Best Retirement Plans From Google, Apple and Other Major Companies

Citigroup: 100 Percent Match on the First 6 Percent

Citigroup offers the option to begin contributing from the first day of employment. Citi begins a 100 percent match of the first 6 percent after the employee has been working for a year. The matching and employee contributions are fully vested from the first day of contribution.

McDonald’s: 100 Percent Match on the First 4 Percent

McDonald’s offers a 401k match for employees that are over twenty-one and have been working for at least a year. The match is $3 for each $1 contributed for the first 1 percent, and then a 100 percent match on the first 4 percent of contributions. Employees are vested from the first day of contributions.

MasterCard: 125 Percent Match on the First 6 Percent

Mastercard allows employees to begin contributing to retirement. The automatic enrollment is 6 percent and Mastercard offers a 125 percent matching on the first six percent of contributions. An additional 1.25 percent may be contributed based on company performance.

Philip Morris International: 100 Percent Match on the First 5 Percent

Philip Morris International offers a company match after 90 days of service. The match is 100 percent of the first 5 percent of contributions made by the employee. New employees are automatically enrolled in the plan with a 3 percent contribution.

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