20 Best Retirement Plans From Google, Apple and Other Major Companies

Amazon: 50 Percent Match on the First 4 Percent

Amazon offers a company match of 50 percent of up to 4 percent of the employee’s contributions. The employee will be fully vested in the plan after three years of service.

10 Best Large-Company 401k Plans

Some of the best 401k plans are included in the retirement packages offered by the biggest companies in the world. This year’s list of nontechnical giants features some familiar names as well as some new companies. Among the companies that didn’t make the cut this year — after appearing in last year’s top 10 — are Halliburton, Monsanto, DuPont, Aetna and Time Warner.

ConocoPhillips: 6 to 9 Percent Match

ConocoPhillips’ employees can receive a 6 percent contribution if you contribute 1 percent of your salary. Additionally, Conoco offers contributions of 6 percent, 7 percent and 9 percent based on years of service and age. Employees are fully vested after three years and 1,000 hours of service each year.

Boeing: 50 Percent Match on the First 6 Percent

Boeing offers a 50 percent match on contributions of up to the first 6 percent of contributions from the employee. Each employee becomes fully vested in the plan after five years of service with Boeing.

Amgen: 100 Percent Match on the First 5 Percent

Amgen offers a competitive plan with 5 percent automatic contribution as well as 100 percent matching on the employee’s first 5 percent of contributions. Amgen also offers competitive health insurance and health savings plans for retirees.

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