15 Things You Are Doing That Are Killing Your Houseplants

Is your trashcan or compost heap a graveyard for dead houseplants? You may even be wondering why you have been cursed with a case of the dreaded black thumb!

Well, wonder no more…chances are you’re doing at least one of the following 15 things to kill your household greenery:

1. Ignoring the Instructions

What’s the absolute best way to avoid a dead houseplant? Read and follow the care instructions of course! These will tell you everything you need to know about your plant; its needs and preferences in terms of food, water, light and more.

You’ve read the booklet and are still stumped? Consider if you are doing (or not doing!) any of the below.

2. Overwatering

Ask any gardening expert or florist what the number one killer of houseplants is, and they will tell you it’s overwatering! With many species of plants, there can be a fine line between overwatering and under-watering, which is why it’s so difficult to gauge the precise needs of your houseplants.

Excessive watering causes death as it cuts off air supply to the roots of the plant, washes away vital nutrients, creates the perfect environment for fungus and mold, and leads to root rot. Common signs of overwatering include wilting or yellow leaves, soggy soil, a heavy pot, loose bark and mold on the soil.

Generally speaking, you can avoid overwatering by allowing the soil to dry to the touch in between waterings. You can also insert a finger into the soil up to the second knuckle or test the bottom of the soil through a drainage hole to see how moist it really is.

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