Top 10 Rustic Rusty Metal DIY Ideas For Your Lawn And Garden

3. Creative Rusty Cylinder Fence

Creative Rusty Cylinder Fence
If you have a few old rusted cylinders or pieces of pipe, you can use them to create this gorgeous rustic fence. You just stack the pipes on top of each other and if you have different sizes, that will just add to the charm. This would be great to add a focal point to a flower garden or you could use it anywhere that you want to add a bit of rustic charm.

4. Rusty Washer Flower Pot

Rusty Washer Flower Pot
This adorable flower pot is made from old rusted washers. You can do this yourself with a few washers of different sizes and something to use for the base. Or, you can check out this gorgeous one that I found on Etsy. It’s made with all repurposed materials and you can get it for just under $40. This is perfect for highlighting your favorite blooming plants and it’s already rusted, so you can sit it out in the garden without worries of the weather harming it.


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