Top 10 Rustic Rusty Metal DIY Ideas For Your Lawn And Garden

I have always worried about things rusting. I mean, you buy shiny new metal items and you want to keep them that way, right? Not necessarily. Honestly, if something has turned rusty, there are a number of ways to clean it or you could just use it as lawn and garden décor. Rusty items as lawn décor? Yes! And, the rustier the better. Rusty metal items give you such beautiful rustic inspired décor and I have a list of 10 rustic rusty metal DIY ideas that you can incorporate into your lawn and garden today.

If you have been trying to turn the outside of your home into a farmhouse inspired exterior, these rusty metal DIY ideas are definitely going to help. The rust on old metal items really does give it a rustic look and I have everything in here from metal windchimes to bucket planters and even some great fencing ideas. Note that these are everyday items.

If you want to give your outdoors a great farmhouse look, these rusty metal DIY projects are definitely going to help you with that. There are so many great projects in this list and all of them are made with old metal items. That means that they are really budget friendly to make. If you don’t happen to have the rusty metal item that you need, check yard sales, flea markets and even your local thrift store. These things are normally really cheap since they’re old and rusty.

1. Rustic Metal Heart Windchime

Rustic Metal Heart Windchime
An old rusted metal chain can be used to create a gorgeous rustic windchime. You can do this in the shape of a heart or any shape that you want. You just need the chain and some rusted metal or wood to create the frame to hand your windchime. This would be great in a horseshoe shape if you want a nice farmhouse themed windchime or you could be really creative and make a monogram out of it. DIY windchimes are really easy to make and so beautiful when they’re finished.

Tutorial/Source: instructables

2. Rustic Metal Bucket Planters

Rustic Metal Bucket PlantersYou know those little rusty metal buckets that you are planning to throw out? Keep them! You can make these gorgeous hanging bucket planters from them. You don’t even have to repaint them or sand down the rust. The rust just adds to the rustic quality. All you have to do is create hangers for them on your deck or fence and then add in your favorite flowers or plants.

Tutorial/Source: tickingandtoile

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