30 DIY Tower Garden Ideas To Grow Plants Vertically

2- Terra Cotta Vertical Planter

Attractive and so easy to create, 5 terra cotta planter in various sizes, a rod and potting soil is all that’s need to build this flower pot tower.

  • Five terra cotta planters in ascending sizes, ranging from 14 inch to 6 inch
  • A wood or metal rod long enough to span the height of the stacked planters
  • Flower pot tower will be heavy when completed, so build it in its permanent location
  • Fill the larger planter with potting soil, insert rod in the center. Place the rod through the bottom hole of the next smallest planter and slide planter down until it rests on top of the soil in the first planter.
  • Fill the second planter with potting soil and continue stacking and filling the planters.
  • Plant selected seeds or plants in the exposed soil of each planter

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