25 DIY Compost Bins For Composting Food And Yard Waste

DIY compost bins can turn your kitchen trash into garden treasure. Gardeners call compost ‘black gold’ because it’s so valuable to them and the plants they grow. Making a compost bin is not difficult, especially with any one of the 20 different DIY compost bin plans listed below. Styles range from simple and functional, to ornate pieces of yard art. By saving your kitchen food scraps and building a compost bin, you can create your own supply of black gold for your garden. Get started this weekend and use one of these detailed plans to build your own homemade compost bin.

Double Compost Bin

This is another great compost bin design for those who have large amounts of food scraps or yard debris that needs to be transformed into nutrient-rich compost. Easy to build, the two sections of the bin allow for faster decomposition of large amounts of scraps.

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