18 Adorable Rustic DIY Picnic Tables

3. Convertible Bench To Picnic Table

Convertible Bench To Picnic Table

If you want a DIY picnic table that doesn’t take up space when you aren’t using it, this convertible version is perfect. The bench folds down when not in use so you can easily store this one in even the tiniest space. This is a really easy one to build, too and you could make an extra bench to go with it that also provides extra seating on the patio when you’re not using the table.

Tutorial/Plans: buildeazy

4. DIY Farmhouse Picnic Table

DIY Farmhouse Picnic Table

If you really want a rustic look, you just have to check out this DIY farmhouse picnic table. Farmhouse tables have a picnic table quality anyway and if you use pressure treated wood to build this one, it is perfect for your backyard. If you are looking to build some DIY farmhouse furniture for your outdoors, this one is a must. If you prefer to buy as opposed to DIY, I found this gorgeous farmhouse picnic table on Etsy for just over $600.

Tutorial/Plans: Etsy.com

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