16 Terrifying Encounters With ‘The Black Eyed Kids’

2. Bus encounter.

I was riding the bus back home after work, it was about 1 am, I’m a security guard and often work odd hours. So I’mm sitting there, and this guy gets on, sits across from me. He was wearing a suit, had a briefcase, regular looking guy in his 20s. What struck me about him at first was that he was chewing a cigar, not smoking it, you can’t smoke on the bus. So I was just looking at him while he stared out the window and chewed his cigar, and all of a sudden he turned and looked at me. His eyes were pitch black, just as you described.

My heart started beating like a mad motherfucker, and I felt my gorge rising. I was starting to panic and I had no idea why, I was just pants-shittingly terrified of this guy. Then he grinned at me, and his teeth were all covered in tobacco bits and brown juice, the cigar clamped between them. I almost screamed, but instead I had the presence of mind to just get up and take the seat right behind the driver. I calmed down a bit after that, but I kept an eye on the guy. He ended up chatting with some girl that got on, and they were still talking when I got off. I later convinced myself he was just trolling me, having fun with a pair of contacts… now I wonder.

10 Facts About The Black Eyed Kids

  • Black eyed kids will look like normal human children between the ages of 6 and 16 but with pale skin and completely black eyes.
  • Additionally, people who have been in close proximity to black eyed kids report a feeling of “unease” that washed over them. While nothing about the children’s appearance (aside from the eyes) genuinely frightened the people, they still reported feeling ranging from anxiety to terror at their presence.
  • Some people have also reported seeing black eyed kids that have “talons” for feet or other demonic attributes, but most sightings are of seemingly normal children.
  • Black eyed kids are also commonly described as wearing dated clothing or dressing in a manner that is not typical of a normal child of their age.
  • Black eyed children always ask for something. It is always something that involves being in closed quarters with you. They will ask for a ride in your vehicle or to enter your home to use the phone.
  • There are no reported stories of what happens when you let a black eyed kid into your vehicle or home. All stories come from people whose eery feelings made them flee from the children.
  • The earliest sighting of a black eyed kid was journalist Brian Bethel in 1996.
  • The story has been added to internet creepypasta lore, but to this day Bethel insists the incident was real and happened the way he reported.
  • In 2014, a British paper reported that sightings of black eyed kids around the world are rising.
  • Theories about the black eyed kids are that they are vampires, aliens, or of demonic origin.
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