15 Little Known Facts About Ted Bundy That Will Chill You To Your Core

7. Other accounts of Ted’s childhood are forbidding. One relative described Ted’s grandfather as a maniac with an explosive temper. He was a church deacon who was accused of being obsessed with pornography, and is rumored to have owned a large collection of it. It is believed that Ted was exposed to his grandfather’s collection of pornography as a young child, which some believe may have sparked his utter fascination and preoccupation with pornography and violent sex, Whether Ted was sexually molested as a child is unknown, though it has been rumored.

8. How old was he when he began killing? No one knows. There is some evidence suggests that he abducted and killed 8-year-old Ann Marie Burr of Tacoma in 1961 when he was 14, an allegation he denied repeatedly. However, there is a bone chilling story about Ted, while he was staying with one of his aunts. That while she was sleeping, he placed several butcher knives under the covers in the bed next to her. When she woke up and discovered the knives, young Ted could not stop laughing.

9. Believe it or not Bundy attended College and studied Chinese, but dropped out nearly 2 years later and began working minimum wage jobs.

10. During Bundy’s time at college in 1967, he became romantically involved with Stephanie Brooks, but she ended their relationship due to his “lack of ambition” and “immaturity. All of Bundy’s victims are believed to look similar to Stephanie, as they all were white females between the age of 15 to 25, were college students and mostly from middle-class backgrounds. They also had long, straight dark brown hair with a part in the middle, just like Stephanie.

11. Ted Bundy is thought to have decapitated 12 of his victims, and would often keep some of the severed heads in his apartment for a long period of time.

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