15 Little Known Facts About Ted Bundy That Will Chill You To Your Core

Being from Florida, I thought it was fitting to research Ted Bundy, our very well known American serial killer. These are just 15 facts about Ted Bundy that I found the most bone chilling. The stories seem almost never-ending. He was a master manipulator and very charming. It was almost as if he had no personality at all – only the ability to show people what they wanted to see in order to get what he wanted from them.

1. In the early 1970s, Bundy worked for a suicide hotline in Seattle. His coworkers, including author Ann Rule, remember him as a skilled volunteer who helped ease troubled callers and saved lives. Talk about irony.

2. Bundy confessed to 30, (yes 30), homicides committed in seven different states between 1974 and 1978. However, the possibility of a higher victim count is plausible.

3. Bundy was uncertain of who is father was. (Maybe that caused some issues for him) His mother was Louis Cowell.

4. The Cowells were devout Methodists and they were ashamed and embarrassed when they found out that Louise was pregnant outside of wedlock. So, they sent her away to a home for unwed mothers in Vermont so that she could give birth in secret. A few months later, Louise returned to her family in Philadelphia. Her father, Sam Cowell, traveled to the home for unwed mothers to retrieve baby Ted. He and his wife pretended that they had adopted Ted from an orphanage. Ted grew up thinking that Louise was his sister and not his mother. Eventually, Ted found out the truth, but no one knows for sure how old he was when he learned his family secret.

5. The man who was assigned on Bundy’s birth certificate as his father, Lloyd Marshall, was a salesman and Air Force Veteran. However, Bundy’s mother made claims that she had been seduced by a sailor named Jack Worthington, but after investigations were made; there was no record of anyone by that name in Navy and Marine Archives. What’s the truth? We will never know.

6. But if you think THAT’S insane, get this: there have been claims made by Bundy’s family that Bundy might have been fathered by his mother’s abusive father, Samuel Cowell. Of course, those are only claims, and there is nothing to support this or prove it wrong.

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