12 Facts About The Ningen, The Creepiest ‘Animal’ You’ve Never Heard Of

The Ningen, Explained

Ningens are humanoid creatures that live in the icy waters near Antarctica. Ningens are humanlike and are completely white in color. Some people think they are an undiscovered species of apes who are able to breathe underwater. Sometimes Ningens appear to have a mermaid tale or other fins on their bodies, while others report they have hind legs that enable them to walk on land.

[*] Rumors about the existence of ningen originate in Japan because it is Japanese fishing and research vessels that first began to report sightings of the creatures.

[*] Upon first sighting, members of a Japanese research ship thought they were seeing a foreign submarine off in the distance, upon getting closer, they realized it was a living animal. Eventually the creature went back underwater.

[*] It is believed that those aboard this research ship were able to extensively document the sighting with photos and video. That evidence has never surfaced either because of government influence or cultural pressure to not be associated with a paranormal event.

[*] Ningens rose to popular knowledge after an article was published about them in a 2007 issue of a Japanese paranormal magazine. The article called them “Antarctic Humans” and included a Google Maps screenshot of what appeared to be a Ningen off the coast of Namibia:

[*] Ningen appear most often at night.

[*] “Ningen” means “human” in Japanese.

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